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Visit of SAATBAU LINZ Customer Day 2014 in Austria

From 16-th to 18-th of June the sales team of Bulagro, together with our clients from all parts of Bulgaria, visited Austria at the invitation of our partner - the Austrian company Saatbau Linz. The occasion was the International Customer Field Day near Weikendorf in northeastern Austria, which is held annually and brings together over 3,000 farmers from Central, Western and Eastern Europe.
Saatbau Linz is an Austrian company established after World War II as an agricultural cooperative, whose members include more than 3,100 farmers. It is among the leaders in the European seeds market, with seed production of over 200 varieties from over 30 different cultures. Saatbau headquarters is located in Linz, and the company has branches in France, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Russia and Romania. Seed production is carried out under strict quality control in nine modern factories and over 50 experimental stations across Europe test the genetics in different latitudes and soil conditions.
In 2013 Bulagro presented on the Bulgarian market five cereal varieties of Saatbau Linz - wheat AMICUS and PANONIKUS, barley GIGA and HANELORE and triticale KALORIUS. Many of our customers from different agricultural regions of the country trusted us and decided to try on their fields the Austrian genetics. Despite the stressful conditions during the spring - frequent and heavy rains, which raised many diseases and caused lodging of winter wheat, we now observe excellent performance of the varieties both on the fields of our customers and in our experimental station in the village of Yazdach near Stara Zagora.
The wheat varieties are extremely resistant to the important economic diseases, they do not lodge and have good cold tolerance, they develop many and evenly growing brothers if the recommended sowing rate is applied.
During the field day of Saatbau Linz in Weikendorf, we saw demo trials of many varieties and hybrids of all major cultures - wheat, barley, triticale, sunflower, corn, canola, soy, rye and others. We received valuable advice and recommendations relating to the agrotechnics of the varieties /sowing time, sowing rate, fertilization, plant protection/ and we were impressed by the professionalism of the company, the rich and varied selection, the innovative approach and attitude towards their partners. All this assures the high performance achieved with the genetics of Saatbau Linz in all countries of Europe!
To combine business with pleasure during our stay in Austria we explored the cultural heart of Europe - the capital Vienna, with an amazing ring tram tour.

Satisfied and enriched by what we saw and learned, we returned to Bulgaria, loaded with fresh forces for a successful harvest campaign!

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