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The new rotary hoes Einböck Rotarystar 900 and 1200

The well-known rotary hoe from Einbeock now comes in two larger variants - with 9 and 12 m working width and transport width of 3 m.
Successful weed control is highly depending on weather and soil conditions. In order to meet the best timing for most effective work during the short time-windows, efficient, reliable and powerful technology is required. The rotary hoe ROTARYSTAR will exceed all your expectations in this respect. This "Magic Bullet of mechanical weed control" breaks up crusts, aerates the soil and also regulates weeds up to 1-leaf stage.

The new three-point machines with 9 m and 12 m working width feature the typical, numerous and already proven advantages of our rotary hoes:

  • Specially shaped stars - Einböck in-house development
  • Hydraulic pressure and level regulation
  • Equal working depth of both rows of rotors by parallelogram guidance
  • Constant contact pressure of the rotor star wheels, due to rotor star arms of equal length in the first and second row
  • Fingers with special spoon shape, individually screwed to the rotors
  • Durable and true-to-track bearings of the rotor stars

With Einboeck's in-house developed rotary hoe concept, the ROTARYSTAR is capable of breaking strong crusts even in difficult soil conditions without damaging the crop. Hydraulic pressure and level compensation, parallelogram guidance of the rotor rows and the special rotor stars with spoon-shaped tips, ensure a perfect and uniform work result in the field. With these qualifications, the ROTARYSTAR provides even at speeds of up to 20 km/h (depending on soil and crop conditions) excellent mechanical weed control.


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