Our traditional tour of demonstrations of agricultural machinery this year covered the impressive nine regions of Bulgaria - Silistra, Dobrich, Montana, Pleven, Ruse, Stara Zagora, Bourgas, Sofia and Karlovo. Farmers across the country saw in action machines of leading brands and were convinced that at BULAGRO they will find high quality machines that meet all their requirements and specific needs.

The main focus of the demonstrations was the new six-meter disc harrow of POETTINGER - TERRADISC 6001T, which we showed for the first time in the country after its premiere in all international exhibitions. The harrow has an improved structure, allowing a much more aggressive tillage. The main improvements are:

- The discs are significantly larger - 590 mm, and thicker, and the disc holder is twofold, which ensures even greater strength.

- The design of the chassis is completely new - it folds up and moves the center of gravity just above the disc sections.

- The new way of determining the depth of tillage via hydraulic cylinders with metal inserts allows the operator to change the depth in just a minute.

Among the top proposals of BULAGRO for the autumn sowing campaign was the universal seed drill TERRASEM C6, as well as the VITASEM, suitable for smaller farms. During the largest demonstration, which was held in the region of Pleven, farmers were able to observe in action a full green line, including mowing, tedding and windrowing with machines from POETTINGER, as well as baling and foiling made with machines from the Italian specialized manufacturer MASCAR.

Farmers from across the country also had the chance to observe various models of trailed and self-propelled sprayers from the world leader HARDI, with wing length of 21 to 36 meters, tank capacity of 2500 to 4000 liters and electronically controlled spraying. During the demonstrations, the farmers were able to clearly see the difference in the use of the unique technology HARDI TWIN, compared to spraying without air. The HARDI TWIN system for air-assisted sraying provides a number of advantages over the conventional sprayers: reduced blow away, reduced cost of chemicals and volume of water used, complete flushing of the plant and much more efficient spraying, working at strong wind and with faster speed.

Among the machines shown during the demonstrations were the 86 hp tractors FARMER. They are manufactured in Poland and have a JOHN DEERE engine, front axle and gearbox CARRARO - a guarantee for their exceptional reliability and durability, combined with a very attractive and affordable price.

The most valuable assessment of our products gave the farmers themselves, many of whom shared their satisfaction with the performance of the machines, demonstrated on the field.

The autumn campaign can be finished in time only if it relies on high-performance machines for tillage and sowing. Therefore, the farmers shared that they are willing to invest in the latest technology of leading brands offered by BULAGRO. "Our machines have proven their high quality, durability and productivity and the service of BULAGRO MACHINES is the best service for agricultural machinery in Bulgaria" ensured the sales manager of Bulagro Machines - Mr. Mitko Jelyazkov.

In addition to agricultural machinery, during the demonstrations BULAGRO presented a special selection of high-yielding seeds and innovative products for plant protection and nutrition - micro granulated fertilizers, growth regulators and bio-stimulators. The agronomists from BULAGRO offered the best products to the specific conditions in each region and gave valuable advice to the farmers for the upcoming fall campaign.

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