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With a lot of pleasant emotions, hot weather, nice people and quality equipment - this is how our "Tech Day" passed at Bulagro Center Montana.

The PÖTTINGER tillage equipment was again the main focus - we showed ploughs with different sizes and board types, the disc harrow TERRADISC 6001T and the universal seed drill TERRASEM C4. In addition, farmers saw the HARDI NAVIGATOR 3000 and RANGER sprayers, the MASCAR MAXI spring seed drill, the BADALINI HERCULES MEGA subsoiler, the BOGBALLE M2 PLUS fertilizer spreader, as well as DOMINONI corn and sunflower headers.

The sales representatives of Bulagro AD presented the current products for the beginning of autumn - seeds of wheat, barley and triticale - own production, root biostimulators and granular fertilizers.

We had the opportunity to talk, to discuss the problems of farmers in the area, to give them valuable advice, and to wish them a good harvesting season!

Thank everyone who joined the Bulagro Machines event in the region.

We are waiting for you at the start of the autumn campaign with the best tillage and sowing equipment from PÖTTINGER!

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