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Seminar 2010, Stara Zagora

The annual seminar of BULAGRO GROUP took place in Merian Palace Hotel in Stara Zagora on 12.05.2010. Representatives of leading companies like BAYER and BASF participated in the event, as well as representatives of Dobrudja Agricultural Institute.

The main topics were the spring application of BAYER products in agriculture, the most modern technologies and products in the field of agriculture presented by BASF.
After the official part of the event the guests were invited to the opening of the new SERVICE CENTER of Bulagro Machines. The company invested more than 1000 000 Euro in the project, providing the clients with a highly professional services even for the heaviest machine repair.
The evening continued with a dinner for more than 300 clients who enjoyed the rich repertoire of the irresistable Desislava.

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