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SCHÄFFER - technology for better efficiency

The telescopic wheel loaders SCHÄFFER are with integrated cutting-edge technologies, which increase the effectiveness in your farm.

high traction force 


Automatic thrust regulation, which means that the loader can always deliver the highest level of thrust even at high speed.
- Even at high speed the maximum thrust is always available, e.g.
when driving in muck heaps
- No need to manually shift down a gear when going

Standard equipment on the following models:

2336, 2345, 3545, 3550, 3550 SLT, 4250, 4350 Z, 5650 Z, 5680 Z, 6680 Z, 8600 Z, 2345 T, 3550 T, 3550 T SLT, 5650 T, 5680 T, 6680 T, 8610 T, 9640 T, 9660 T.


трансмисия с двоен съединител


Dual-clutch gearbox, which combines the benefits of powershift transmission with a purely hydrostatic autodrive. Electronically controlled drive ensures that the machine operates at a high level of efficiency.
- Huge level of thrust make it easy to fill and move a mobile silo
- Most jobs can be carried out in a single operation, takes the strain off the clutch and the gearbox and thereby extends their service life
- Top speed of 40 kph, the best conditions even for usage in different areas throughout your business
- Fuel economy through increased machine efficiency, reduction in operating costs

Optional equipment on the following models:

9640 Т,9660 Т


schaeffer power transmission


Electronically-controlled autodrive: The autodrive adapts to the torque properties of the diesel motor.

- Lower fuel consumption, reduced operating costs
- Starting aid makes it is easier to start up on slopes
- Different parameters for drive characteristics can be set
- Safety functions: including overheating and over rotation protection of the motor
- Optional potentiometer performs the job of a cruise control:
Machine maintains constant speed regardless of the motor speed, particularly advantageous when working with feed dosing units, straw spreaders or mulchers (using pedal control on 9640 T and 9660 T)

Standard equipment on the following models:

4250, 4350 Z, 5650 Z, 3550 T, 5650 T, 9640 T, 9660 T.


eco mode


Automatic reduction of the motor speed, maintaining the same speed.
- Fuel saving, reduction in operating costs
- Lower noise level
- Environmentally-friendly operation
- No restrictions on performance

Optional equipment on the following models:

9640 Т, 9660 Т.

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