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Schäffer 5680 T - solid all-rounder with enormous power

The elite German newspaper and website Eilbote has tested the telescopic loader Schäffer 5680 T with a range of attachments. The team was impressed with the qualities of the machine and described it as a "solid all-rounder with enormous power".

Here is the conclusion of the practical test:

"The Schäffer teleloader is a real all-rounder with enormous power. We are delighted with the sturdy design and the powerful, rapid handling.
The articulated steering is quite direct, but you will quickly learn how to manoeuvre the vehicle. The great all-round viewpoint is fantastic too, all angles are visible and the view is hardly affected by the hood. With the pre-control function you can use the loading system very sensitively and you can get up a long way with a lifting height of 4.25 m. The finish and components are high-quality and this is reflected in the slightly high price of the test machine. But you get an all-rounder, which will pay for itself in no time. With a wide variety of optional equipment, the basic Schäffer model can be put together to suit your own operations.

Read the whole article here.

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