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New furniture and appliances for the residents of the social institution in Mezdra

In the past month, with funds from the Christmas charity campaign of Bulagro Group, we managed to replace a large part of the old furniture and appliances in the buildings of the complex of social services in the town of Mezdra.

The director, Mrs. Kamelia Kamenova, appealed to us for help:

"A large part of the buildings, in which the total of 56 children and adults with different degree of mental illnesses and retardation are accommodated, are in need of repair. There is a huge problem in Protected Housing 2, where we are fighting with moisture. A large part of the furniture needs to be replaced, as well as the sanitary equipment. The transitional house is located in the main building of KSUDLU, Mezdra. It has the same problem with moisture. Since the restructuring of the services, no repairs have been made. In the transitional house, there is a huge problem with the kitchen cabinets, which are rotten. There are no doors and they are in a very bad condition. We need a new kitchen, tables, chairs as well as repair and damp proofing materials. In Protected Housing 1, we need a corner sofa as it is in a very bad condition. Protected Housing 2 needs a new sofa for the children's study room, as they don't have furniture there at the moment and it is needed because they sit on the floor. Protected housing 3 for children without disabilities needs 1 corner sofa and 8 chairs. We had a serious bed bug problem and had to remove much of the furniture. We will be grateful if you respond to our call and help us, since the funds allocated to us by the municipality are extremely insufficient to cover the needs of the complex. Thank you!"

After an inspection carried out by our colleagues on site, it was found that the condition of the furniture and some of the rooms in the buildings of the complex is truly deplorable.

remont ksudlu mezdra darenie fondacia  remont ksudlu mezdra

We made a list of all the necessary furniture, appliances and repair materials and got to work. Here is everything we purchased and delivered to the complex buildings in Mezdra:




Number of pieces








3670 BGN






3750 BGN






160 BGN






990 BGN


Kitchen table




310 BGN






417.21 BGN






180 BGN


Bathroom faucet




50 BGN


Latex painting and damp proofing




327.60 BGN


Floor tiles


21 кв.м.


504.91 BGN




13 кв.м.


342.08 BGN




10661,18 BGN


Words can hardly describe the feeling we felt when we saw the smiles and stormy emotions written on the faces of all the residents of the social service when they received their new furniture and appliances!

Thanks to our joint efforts and the big hearts of so many of our customers and partners who joined Bulagro's Christmas charity campaign, we were able to give these people not only a better material environment, but much more importantly for them - a feeling of attention, care and sharing.



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