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Regional technical meeting in Burgas

The last fourth regional meeting of our winter series was held on February 21-st at Hotel Mirage in Bourgas.

Farmers from eastern Bulgaria expressed strong interest in the special offers from Bulagro AD for the spring plant nutrition, sowing of sunflower and corn hybrids and the upcoming plant protection treatments. The main emphasis was again the product range of the Italian leader in the production of micro granulated fertilizers and biostimulants - Valagro - an international company with 37 years of history, presented in Bulgaria exclusively by Bulagro.
The guest speakers from the companies Caussade Semences, Euralis, Arista and DuPont presented their top products for the spring campaign which farmers are able to buy only from Bulagro. Representatives of the French company Axereal acquainted guests with their selection of durum wheat, spring wheat and barley, spring peas and soybeans.

On the second day of the seminar we introduced the agricultural machines of the global manufacturers Poettinger, Hardi, Bogballe, Mascar, Badalini, with the help of which Bulagro Machines ensures that the soil will be cared for accurately and plants will receive the necessary nutrients and protection in the most effective way.

We thank all colleagues and partners for the interest in our regional seminars. We hope we have been helpful and wish you a successful and fruitful year with the support of BULAGRO!

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