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Regional meeting with farmers in Rousse

On August 11th, in the relaxing atmosphere of the Seven Generations Wine Complex near Rousse, we presented to our clients a complex solution for the autumn campaign for cereals and rape.
Bulagro AD is a licensed seed producer of wheat, barley and triticale seeds, which come out of our modern factory cleaned, prepared, decontaminated and treated with the RADIFARM growth regulator. This season we offer to our clients the best and high-yield varieties of French, Austrian and Bulgarian genetics - wheat Sosthene, Sobbel, Solveig (Caussade Semences), Airbus, Avenue, Annapurna (LG), Amikus, Vulcanus (Saatbau), Dragana (DZI), barley Zanzibar (LG), Jup (Caussade Semences) and triticale Trismart (Caussade Semences). In rapeseed, our exclusive offer is Mazari of Caussade Semences, which has proved to be a true fighter during the past season.
Another focus of the presentation were the combined and phosphorous fertilizers for pre-sowing at special prices and with flexible payment conditions. We also paid attention to the VALAGRO biostimulators, which will give a strong start to crops and protect them from stress in autumn and winter.
We thank everyone who came to share with us experience and enjoyable emotions! We wish you successful sowing campaign!

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