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Regional meeting

Another regional meeting with customers of Bulagro AD in the area of Pleven, Vratsa and Montana was held on 06.06.2012. More than 70 farmers attended the event, held  in the village of Chiflik near Troyan.

The Executive Director, Mr. Christopher Bunardzhiev, opened the meeting with a short presentation "23 years Bulagro."

Bulagro AD offered to the farmers innovative solutions in plant nutrition, the selection of French company Caussade Semences, and the 2012 results and expectations from seedproduction of wheat 'Lilia' offered exclusively by Bulagro.
Bulagro machines AD and Agritrack AD, part of the structure of Bulagro Group Holding EAD presented the whole range of agricultural machinery they offer: products of world known companies, such as John Deere, Poettinger, Hardi, Farmer, Aynbyok, Bredal and others.

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