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Presentation of Bulagro Machines in Polski Trambesh

On August 1 at Bulagro Center Polski Trambesh we held a presentation during which the farmers were introduced to the key advantages of the Poettinger, Hardi, Bogballe, Badalini and Einboeck machinery.

After a brief video presentation of the brands in the conference room, we reviewed some of the machines in our showroom and talked about their main features and strengths. Among the highlights were HARDI trailed sprayers - RANGER, NAVIGATOR and COMMANDER models, TERRADISC disc harrows, VITASEM mechanical seed drills, TERRASEM mulching seed drills and SERVO plows of POETTINGER. We also showed a BOGBALLE M-Series fertilizer spreader, BADALINI subsoiler with disc section and the cultivator and soil aerator AEROSTAR of EINBOECK.

We thank all of our guests for the interest shown and wish them a successful autumn campaign!

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