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Presentation of Bulagro Machines in Dobrich, 27.07.18

On July 27 in the modern trade and service center of Bulagro Machines in Dobrich, farmers from the region became acquainted with the wide range of soil, spraying and fertilizing machines that we offer.

Among the highlights were the HARDI ALPHA self-propelled sprayer, which we demonstrated in spraying mode with and without using the patented TWIN system. "We showed its capabilities, and above all, the air-assisted spray option, which is unique and an invention patented by HARDI 28 years ago. This option has several advantages. It reduces the volume of water used by 50%, as well as the cost of chemicals. There is a reduction of 5 to 30%, which is a good financial benefit for farmers. One of the most specific and useful features of the HARDI ALPHA sprayer is that the air drift is drastically reduced and the machine can work in windy weather and with higher working speed", explained the sales manager of Bulagro Machines Mitko Zhelyazkov. The tank volume of this 36-meter sprayer is 4100 liters and its ground clearance is 1.65 cm.

Among the other interesting machines for the farmers were the plow SERVO 6.50 with the innovative NOVA non-stop stone protection system, the TERRADISC 6001T disc harrow and the TERRASEM C6 mulching seed drill of PÖTTINGER, as well as the ROTARYSTAR cultivator of EINBÖCK.

After the tour around the machines, we  about the upcoming autumn operations and the benefits of the technology we offer, and finally we took a treat and wished for a successful sowing!

Special thanks to everyone who took part in our event!

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