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PÖTTINGER continues on course of growth in 2017/2018 with highest turnover yet

In financial year 2017/2018 the Austrian family-owned company PÖTTINGER finished the year with a record turnover. The turnover achieved of EUR 354 million represents an increase of 15 percent on the previous year. The agricultural technology company attributes this sensational result to its 1775 employees and their consistent attention to their customers' needs as well as their high level of innovative strength and internationalisation.

Positive development in all segments

The grassland sector is the key source of turnover with 59 percent, followed by tillage and seed drill technology with around 27 percent. PÖTTINGER achieved a growth of 16 percent in both segments. Especially strong growth took place with ploughs and seed drills. The main reasons for this were the numerous product innovations and customers placing their trust in proven quality.

This was the first financial year that the new spare parts logistics centre was in full operation. That had a positive effect on capacity with growth in spare parts sales at seven percent.

PÖTTINGER harvests very good results worldwide

Consistent development in international markets is a key element and the basis for successful ongoing growth. This is also shown by an export share of 90 percent.

Around 60 percent of total turnover is achieved in Germany, France, Austria, Poland, Switzerland and Czech Republic. Germany with a share of around 20 percent and France with 14 percent are the largest and most important single markets. It is pleasing that considerable growth was achieved in both markets over the past financial year.

At around ten percent of total turnover, Austria is still one of the strongest single markets and as the home market also has huge significance.

Excellent growth in machine sales in Poland and in Baltic States have far exceeded expectations. The sales organisation recently merged to form PÖTTINGER Scandinavia finished the year with a very pleasing result. Sweden doubled turnover. The Benelux region also increased turnover by half.

Well-equipped for the way to the top

"PÖTTINGER is an Austrian family-owned company that develops its products to deliver reliability, cost effectiveness and excellent working results. We thrive on agricultural technology in all its aspects. With investments in our production plants as well as in our technology, together with our strong, motivated team of dedicated employees and the reliable partnership we enjoy with our customers, we are well equipped to keep heading for the top," says Gregor Dietachmayr, Spokesperson for the Management Team.

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