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Open Doors Day at Bulagro Center Stara Zagora

Today at Bulagro Center Stara Zagora took place the first of our Farm Machinery Days 2022.

Our guests had the opportunity to see the latest machines in our portfolio, including the largest navigation display of Hexagon - AgrOn Ti10, the new Pottinger Terrasem V4000 mulch seed drill, the Pottinger Impress baler, the 8-meter Pottinger Terradisc 8001T disc harrow, the Pottinger Terria stubble cultivator.

We also showed innovative tillage machines, perfect for the upcoming campaign, such as the Falc Wind mulcher, particularly suitable for breaking up the residues from the maize harvest, the Badalini Hercules Mega subsoiler with disk section and the Pottinger Servo ploughs.

The product specialists from Bulagro AD presented the best offers for the autumn season in the segments of seeds, foliar and soil fertilizers, biostimulants and disinfectants.

We thank everyone who shared this wonderful day with us.

We are expecting farmers from Sofia region on 26.07 in the village of Ravno Pole, where they are going to see our tillage machines in action in the field.

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