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New partnership between NEXAT and Einböck with XXL row crop cultivator CHOPSTAR-MAX

Together with NEXAT, Einböck presents the new XXL row crop cultivator CHOPSTAR-MAX.

A new collaboration has been launched between the Austrian manufacturer of agricultural machinery Einböck and the German-based innovative company NEXAT. Einböck equipped her autonomous machine with an XXL row crop cultivator. The purpose of the collaboration is to offer machines for modern fusion farming practices (conventional farms performing mechanical weed control) with the new CHOPSTAR-MAX row cultivator equipped with the ROW-GUARD camera steering system.

"Besides the main objective of mechanical weed control, the new NEXAT implement is also designed to break up and aerate the soil. This increases the crop's yield! In addition, chemical weed control products can be reduced," explains the CEO. NEXAT is an integrated plant production system in which every application is self-propelled. The big advantage is that the implements are carried and not pulled. In addition, the Widespan-CTF (Controlled Traffic Farming) method reduces the area driven over by up to 95%, which has a positive effect on soil health and leads to higher yields in the long run.

NEXAT is pleased about the increasing demand to use the NEXAT system for further work steps and is very happy to have found a new professional partner for mechanical weed control in our company. "Both companies share the same values and are also very similar in the way they work. As a result, this first common project came about very quickly after a meeting at last year's Agritechnica show," the companies said in a joint press release.

Following the successful testing of the innovative pre-series machine this spring, which was used on 14 m / 50 ft at a row distance of 50 cm / 20’’ in corn, further tools for mechanical weed control are to be produced next year for the NEXATs in use worldwide.

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