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Innovations from Einböck at Agritechnica 2017

The Austrian company for tillage machinery Einböck has prepared many interesting news for the Agritechnika fair in Hannover this November.

The highlights are:

CHOPSTAR-HYBRID inter-row crop cultivator with horizontal discs

The CHOPSTAR-HYBRID inter-row crop cultivator with horizontal disc is the perfect solution for hoeing in mulch. Based on the proven CHOPSTAR hoeing frame there are flat discs mounted freely rotating to the hoeing section. The diameter is adapted to the desired row spacing. These discs cut through the soil just under the surface. They harm the roots of the weed respectively hoe the weed just over the soil surface (but below the mulch layer). High-gauge wheels are mounted in front of the discs. They cut the soil and the mulch layer vertically to guarantee a smooth operation without any clogging.

The CHOPSTAR-HYBRID is perfectly suited for mulch. Its operation method prevents clogging of mulch, because it is not pushed sideward, but the discs operate under the mulch and hoe the weed there. The hoe is also very well suited in “living” mulch because it is possible to operate the machine in the mulch seed.

But CHOPSTAR-HYBRID is not only suited for mulch. It is also the first choice for hoeing in special crops, in vegetables and in crops with much leaf mass (e.g. pumpkins, zucchini), because it operates below the leaves and doesn´t harm the crop.

If the weed density is too high because hoeing was not possible for a long time period or spraying the weed did not work, then the CHOPSTAR-HYBRID can even though hoe these fields without any problems. The flat discs and the cutting high-gauge wheels prevent a clogging also at much weed, as it could be with conventional tines. So, the hoeing succeeds without any problems.

Of course, the CHOPSTAR-HYBRID can be combined with our automatic camera steering system ROW-GUARD.

GPS-controlled lifting of hoeing section for the CHOPSTAR

For an even more exact hoeing result Einböck now offers a hydraulic lifting of individual hoeing sections and finger weeders. One hydraulic cylinder on each hoeing section can lift it up to 300 mm.

The lifting can be controlled manually via toggle switch for each section or via a GPS control unit. This GPS-control lifts the sections exactly at the edge of the field, at the headland, at non-rectangular field or field with sharp edges. This innovation ensures the best protection for the crops and the hoeing takes place exactly where it should be. The system uses the ISOBUS-standard. You can use your existing compatible control unit or you can buy the unit also from us.

The requirements on the tractor are low: 1 single-acting hydraulic control unit and 1 pressure-less return flow are enough. The dispensation of the hydraulic pressure to the cylinders is completely done by the control unit at the CHOPSTAR hoe.


You are thinking about switching from conventional to organic farming? Or you already did, but you are looking for some information what you should pay attention to, which problems can occur and how to confront them?
Einböck is helping you: at the AGRITECHNICA we present to you our new ORGANIC FARMING GUIDE. We have collected very much information, all the news and all the innovations regarding this topic and created this guidebook. It will be introduced to you at the AGRITECHNICA. At the fair and afterwards you can order it from us or download it for free from our homepage www.einboeck.at.
Have a look, you will surely find some useful information!

Consultation for organic farming from a practitioner with many years of experience at the Einböck stand

Einböck offers you a personal consultation at the AGRITECHNICA. Ask everything you ever wanted to know about organic farming! This offer aims especially at all farmers who want to switch from conventional to organic farming. But also farmers who have already switched can surely collect some valuable tips in a personal conversation and ask what you ever wanted to know about organic farming.

The consultant is an organic farmer. He will talk about his experience, he will indicate all possible challenges, but mainly he will show you the odds and the unforeseen opportunities that are possible.

The consultant will be available from Tuesday, 14.11. to Friday, 17.12. at the Einböck stand. 

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