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Impressive presentation of BULAGRO at Bata Agro 2022

This year's edition of the most successful Bulgarian agricultural exhibition - BATA AGRO, was held in Stara Zagora from May 16 to 20. BULAGRO GROUP took part with two attractive stands - of Bulagro Machines in the area for members of the BATA association, and of Bulagro AD in the sector "Seeds, Fertilizers and Plant Protection Products". The interest of visitors to our proposals was huge, for which we are very grateful!
What did we show at the stand of Bulagro Machines?
A main accent was the wide range of equipment of the Austrian brand PÖTTINGER - TERRADISC disc harrows with 3, 4, 6 and 8 meters of working widths, the new stubble cultivator TERRIA, mechanical and mulching seeders, different plows from the SERVO series, grassland machines - mowers, haymakers and the new for Bulgaria round baler IMPRESS. 
EINBÖCK's innovative machines for mechanical weed control, soil crumb crushing, aeration and hoeing - ROTARYSTAR, AEROSTAR, CHOPSTAR - also attracted a lot of attention.
This year we are celebrating round anniversaries with the two Austrian brands - 20 years since the beginning of our successful partnership with PÖTTINGER and 10 years with EINBÖCK. On this occasion we received honorary plaques from the representatives of the companies.
We also showed three models of HARDI field sprayers - for small, medium and large farms, two trailed and one self-propelled. Farmers got acquainted with the HARDI TWIN patented air-assisted spraying system - the most effective technology for dealing with air drift and with a number of economic effects.
Visitors also saw the popular sunflower header from the Italian manufacturer DOMINONI, the round baler MASCAR Monster Cut 770, the MASCAR FUTURA row seed drill, the MASCAR 5100 foiling machine.
The Italian company FALC, specialized in the production of a wide range of shredders, rotary harrows and mulchers with working widths from 1300 to 6000 mm, was presented with the active cutter and mulcher WIND, especially useful for shredding corn residues.
The SCHÄFFER LADER telescopic handlers were introduced by the flagship 8610T, which is soon going to depart for its new owner. The machines are among the most reliable on the Bulgarian market and one of the few with a hinged connection between the cab and the front axle, which contributes to the great maneuverability of the loader.
BOGBALLE mounted fertilizer spreaders and BADALINI subsoilers with and without disc section were also among the machines on display at the exhibition.
What were the highlights of the stand of Bulagro AD?
The top product of VALAGRO - YIELD ON, which increases the protein content and has a positive effect on the quality and quantity of production, was among our most commented proposals. It is new to the Bulgarian market, but with impressive results from many countries around the world and is rapidly gaining popularity among local farmers.
The Spanish company SAS also presented a number of interesting and unique for the Bulgarian market foliar fertilizers - these are one-component fertilizers with macronutrients Coda N 33, Coda P 54 and Coda K 30, as well as new proposals to meet specific microelement decifiencies - Coda Fe-L, Coda Cu-L, Coda Mn-L and Codaquel.
Our team would like to thank everyone who visited our stands at the exhibition and wish you a successful and fruitful year!

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