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The "Hristofor Bunardjiev" Foundation supported the organization of a summer camp for the children of KSUDLU, Mezdra

With part of the funds collected from the Bulagro Group's Christmas charity campaign, the Hristofor Bunardjiev Foundation pleased the users of the complex for disabled children in the city of Mezdra by supporting the organization of a summer camp in the Black Sea resort of Ravda.

A total of 56 children and persons aged from 10 to 46 are accommodated in the complex, most of them with varying degrees of mental retardation and disabilities. It consists of two sheltered housing units, one transitional housing unit and three family-type accommodation centres. Since it is located in one of the poorest municipalities in the country, the funds allocated by the state on an annual basis are barely enough to cover the basic needs of the residents, especially in a year of unprecedented inflation, such as 2023.

That is why, with the support of the "Saint Nicholay" National Fund, the "Hristofor Bunardjiev" foundation decided to do everything possible to improve the quality of life and support the full physical, emotional and cognitive development of the children from the complex.

At the beginning of July, all users of the social service went on an exciting one-week vacation, which took place in the beautiful seaside resort Ravda. "For all of them, it was an unforgettable experience that gave them so many positive emotions! It's hard to describe in words how happy they were!", commented the director of the complex, Mrs. Kamelia Kamenova.

Thanks to the big hearts of all our customers, partners and friends who joined the initiative, we succeeded in supporting the organization of the summer camp by donating the sum of BGN 2042.32 for bus rental and transport costs.

This donation was part of the Christmas campaign of the "Hristofor Bunardjiev" Foundation to help children in need, more about which you can read HERE.

Once again, we say a huge "THANK YOU" to everyone who supported us! For all of the underprivileged children, this means a lot!


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