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Great offers for high-yielding sunflower hybrids from Bulagro

With the rising temperatures, the active sunflower sowing campaign has began in full force. If you have not yet planted your sunflowers, we can help you choose a high-yielding hybrid suitable for the soil and climatic conditions in your region.

Only with us you can find the high-yielding hybrid of Caussade Semences - Genova CL, which is suitable for cold areas and has excellent drought resistance. It is medium early, with an average oil content of 47.6% and yields of 350-380 kg / decar in northern Bulgaria. Another hit product is the hybrid Noumea. With the preferred tribenuron-methyl sustainable technology, it is very adaptable and plastic in different climatic regions. The average fat content is 46.5% and it maintains an excellent phytosanitary profile in different soil and climatic conditions.

From the Clearfiled Plus technology we can offer you Janice CLP from Euralis. This is a hybrid with a strong and firm pie, highly tolerant to all economically important diseases, with an average oil content of 47% and a high and stable yield in all soil and climatic conditions.

Another hybrid preferred by many manufacturers is Syngenta's Estiva. This sunflower is from the Clearfield technology and is among the earliest hybrids. It has excellent resistance to fomopsis, sclerotinia on the calf and root, and its potential oil content is on average 46%. Estiva is a very popular and successful hybrid for intensive technology.

For fans of the American selection, we offer a wide selection of hybrids from Pioneer. We keep many of them in stock, and for more detailed information and hot prices, please contact your regional representative → https://bit.ly/regionalni_predstavitelstva

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