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Field test of the first AEROSTAR tined weeder in Bulgaria

In early spring we showed for the first time in Bulgaria the innovative tined weeder AEROSTAR by the Austrian manufacturer EINBOECK. The demonstration took place on the field of the first owner of AEROSTAR - Mr. Paul Yankulov, in the village of Doganovo near Sofia. The machine has a working width of 12 m and performs perfectly in crushing of the soil crust, soil aeration and mechanical weed control in the different stages of plant vegetation. It is also very suitable for use in organic farming.

All farmers from the Sofia region who attended the first demonstration of the machine in real working conditions, shared their excellent impressions. Among them were the managers of the company Lactan Ltd., who after having been convinced of the perfect results on the field, also purchased an AEROSTAR.

The representative of EINBOECK for our country - Mr. Martin Wagner, came especially for the first field test of AEROSTAR in Bulgaria. He assured our customers that the machines of EINBOECK are strong, reliable, accurate and extremely effective in the climate and soil conditions in our country.


AEROSTAR is available in working widths from 1.5 to 24 m, transport width of 1.5 to 3 meters and line spacing of 2.5 cm at 60 tines for 1.5 m working width of the section. The machines are equipped with a different set of springs, depending on the type of soil and the crops to be treated.

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