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Field demonstration in Ravno Pole village, 09.08.2018

At the last demonstration of our spectacular summer tour, we again focused on autumn soil treatments with the SERVO 45 plough and the six-meter disc harrow TERRADISC 6001 of  PÖTTINGER, the HERCULES MEGA subsoiler of BADALINI, the six-meter mulching seed drill PÖTTINGER TERRASEM C6, and the HARDI COMMANDER attached sprayer with 3300-liter tank volume and TWIN system for air-assisted spraying.

We also showed the VITASEM mechanical seed drills, which are now at promotional prices, the DOMINONI corn header and the AEROSTAR and ROTARYSTAR cultivators of EINBÖCK.

During the demonstration we introduced to farmers from the region of Sofia their new sales representative of Bulagro AD - Darina Alexieva.

We thank everyone who took part of our demo tour and we wish them successful sowing!

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