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The summer field tests of Bulagro Machines ended with an attractive demo in Batak village

The last demonstration of Bulagro Machines for summer 2017 was also the largest and most attractive. We showed farmers from the region operations for soil cultivation, sowing, spraying, as well as a large part of our specialized green line for mowing, raking, baling round and rectangular bales, bale wrapping.
We started with a combination of PÖTTINGER front and rear disc mowers NOVACAT, followed by the rake TOP 612C. Then we moved to the adjacent field to observe the MASTER PLUS mounted sprayer equipped with the HARDI TWIN air-assisted spraying system. The strong wind helped farmers to convince themselves of the benefits of the unique system, with the help of which the drift was greatly reduced.
In order to free the stubble for soil cultivation, we baled the straw with two high quality Italian machines - CICORIA HD 1270 for rectangular bales and MASCAR MONSTER CUT 770 for round bales. The ready round bales were wrapped with the MASCAR 5100 model using the unsurpassed Austrian foil COVERIS. We used the SCHÄFFER 2345 loader and a trailer from the Polish manufacturer METALFACH to collect the bales from the field.
The autumn operations we demonstrated were subsoiling with BADALINI HERCULES MEGA, ploughing with SERVO 45S 5, cultivating with  SYNKRO 3030, disc harrowing with TERRADISC 6001 and sowing with TERRASEM C6.
Visitors also saw two stationary machines - the PÖTTINGER mechanical seed drill - VITASEM 402 and the BOGBALLE M2 PLUS fertilizer spreader.
For three weeks, we have traveled around nine regions across Bulgaria, met with many farmers, demonstrated a variety of machinery from reputable European manufacturers, exchanged experience and received valuable feedback from you!
Thank you for your trust and we wish everyone a successful year!

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