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Farm machinery Day in Bulagro Center Montana

In one of the hottest days of summer 2021, the team of Bulagro Machines welcomed farmers from northwestern Bulgaria at Bulagro Center - Montana for the annual Farm Machinery Day.

A main emphasis of the event was the tillage machinery of POTTINGER - ploughs, disc harrows, stubble cultivators, as well as the direct and mulch seed drills Vitasem and Terrasem. Deserved interest earned the new 8-meter disc harrow Pottinger Terradisc 8001T, which has shown excellent performance on home fields over the past two years.

Two models of HARDI trailed sprayers, Bogballe mounted fertilizer spreaders, Mascar spring crop seed drills, Falc shredders and a subsoiler of Badalini - all these machines farmers had the chance to observe closely, to express their experience with them and to learn more information about their work from our product specialists.

After the tour around the machinery park, we shared a pleasant lunch with our guests and wished to all a fruitful end to the harvest campaign and quality rest after that.

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