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Start of demo trials of sunflower and corn hybrids with Pioneer

On the 29-th of March in the field of Bulagro Zemya in the village of Yazdach, together with our long-time partner Pioneer Semena Bulgaria, we launched a large demo platform. We planted four hybrids of sunflower seeds - HE118, LE25, LE89, LE113, on a total area of 180 decares, and next week we will sow another 150 decares with five hybrids of corn - P9537; P9903; P0023; P0216; P1535. In order to unleash the potential of the seeds, we will use the innovative fertilizers and biostimulators from VALAGRO, and all agro-technical activities will be done using machinery from Bulagro Machines AD, including the universal cultivator Einboeck Taifun, the seed drill Mascar Futura, the sprayer Hardi Navigator and the irrigation system Beinlich Primus 2800.

The experienced agronomists from Bulagro and Pioneer will track the whole process of germination, development, flowering and ripening of the plants and, depending on climatic and soil conditions, will choose the number and type of plant protection measures.

We expect all farmers who are interested in the demo trials in July, when we will reunite to examine the development of the plants together.

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