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Bulagro organized an impressive summer tour under the title "Days of Innovation in Agriculture"

This year, our impressive summer "Days of Innovation in Agriculture with Bulagro" tour covered six key points in the country - Polski Trumbesh, Dobrich, the village of Neofit Rilski, Stara Zagora, the village of Ravno Pole and Montana. Four of them took place in our sales and service centers, and the remaining two were in the form of field demonstrations in Sofia and Varna regions.

Farmers from all over the country had the opportunity to see not only innovative machines, they got to see working innovations up close. We displayed agricultural machinery from some of the best European manufacturers - Pöttinger, Hardi, Einböck, Badalini, Mascar, Dominoni, Bogballe, Hexagon, and the field operations we demonstrated included spraying, subsoiling, ploughing, harrowing and seeding.

A major highlight of the events were the latest models of Pöttinger tillage machines - the Terrasem V mulch seed drill, the Terradisc disc harrow equipped with a knife roller, the Terria 4040 stubble cultivator, as well as the new Servo 4000 and Servo T6000 plows. The Einböck Rotarystar rotary hoe, which in the last two years has been gaining more and more popularity among Bulgarian farmers, also showed its advantages in working conditions.

pottinger terradisc 8001t

The field demonstration near the Varna village of Neofit Rilski showed a premiere for Bulgaria - Pöttinger's latest plow - the semi-mounted model SERVO T6000, in an ON-LAND version, allowing it to work both in and out of the furrow. 

 pottinger servo t6000

During the events, the agronomists of Bulagro also presented our special selection of products and technologies for the autumn campaign - cereal and rape seeds, disinfectants, bistimulators and combined fertilizers for pre-sowing application.

We would like to thank all the guests at our events for the interest in our products and the pleasant time we shared together! We hope we have helped you make an informed choice that is right for your farm!

We wish you a successful year and high yields!

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