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Days of innovation in agriculture with Bulagro

At the height of summer, we have prepared for farmers from all over Bulgaria exciting new products and attractive offers, which we will present during our spectacular summer tour under the motto "Days of Innovation in Agriculture with Bulagro".
It is going to cover six regions in all corners of the country and is going to include events in our four sales and service centers in Stara Zagora, Dobrich, Polski Trumbes and Montana, as well as two field demonstrations of agricultural machinery from some of the best European manufacturers - Pöttinger, Hardi, Einböck, Badalini, Mascar. The operations that farmers will be able to see live are spraying, harrowing, ploughing, seeding, baling and bale wrapping.
We are going to show you the latest Pöttinger machines - the Terrasem mulch seeder from the new V series, the Terradisc disc harrow equipped with a knife roller, as well as the new Servo 4000 and Servo T6000 ploughs.
We are going to demonstrate to you what makes our machines so good and which of their advantages are most preferred by local farmers.
During the events, we are also going to present to you the special selection of products and technologies of Bulagro for the autumn campaign - cereal and rape seeds, fungicides, bistimulators and combined fertilizers for pre-sowing application.
And last but not least, we are going to exchange experiences and impressions over a good meal.
All events start at 10:00 a.m. and the dates and locations are as follows:
• 20.07.2023 – Bulagro Center, Stara Zagora
• 26.07.2023 – Bulagro Center, town of Polski Trumbesh
• 27.07.2023 – Bulagro Center, city of Dobrich
• 28.07.2023 – village of Neofit Rilski, Varna region
• 08.01.2023 – Ravno Pole village, Elin Pelin region
• 08.02.2023 – Bulagro Center, Montana city
For more information, contact your regional Bulagro representative, or call 0888 00 40 60.

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