The whole staff of Bulagro Group participated in a team building event, which was held on October 19 at Venika Palace in the heart of the Troyan Balkan.

The theme of the event was "BREADBUILDING - IMPROVING TEAM INTERACTION THROUGH BREAD MAKING". The team of Bulagro was divided into groups and each of them had to make its own bread. Everyone handled the task with enthusiasm and demonstrated impressive culinary skills and creativity in the design and decoration of their works. The culmination of the teambuilding was the final part, when all of us prepared a special bread shaped like the map of Bulgaria. All teams made different parts of the map, which were finally assembled and baked together. The slogan, which we wrote on top of the bread with dough, represented the result we achieve when we work together: " BULAGRO - WE ARE STRONG".

Of course, the sweetest part of the day was the moment when our delicious bread was baked and we all had a really good meal, followed by fun and entertainment after a rewarding day.

We sincerely thank Baking Houses for the perfectly organized event and the positive emotions they loaded us with!


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