During our field demonstration of agricultural machinery, which are being held across the country this August, the team of BULAGRO presents innovative products for the autumn campaign.

In terms of seeds we have prepared extremely high-yielding varieties with perfect quality:

- Wheat LILIA - a selection of Dobrudja Agricultural Institute, with consistently high yields. Produced in our factory in the village of Yazdach and distributed by BULAGRO for the past ten years.

- Wheat ENOLA C1 - high-yielding, white-eared, bearded wheat, suitable for intensive cultivation.

- Wheat SOBBEL, barley NIVES and ELEMENT of the French company CAUSSADE SEMENCES - these varieties are presented on the Bulgarian market exclusively by BULAGRO and their production and preparation is done in our facility in the village of Yazdach.

- This year we included in our portfolio a selection of Austrian seeds wheat and barley - high-yielding and resistant to lodging and winter colds. In recent years, the results of their testing in Austria and southern Romania are over 1,200 kg / acre. These seeds are extremely suitable and highly adaptive to the Bulgarian climatic conditions. Another interesting proposal is the triticale hybrid KALORIUS, which is resistant to frost, and with very good performance.

- In terms of rape seeds, we have two new propositions in our portfolio - hybrids of the French company CODISEM, which is exclusively presented on the Bulgarian market by BULAGRO - CODIRAP and COD 1292. The brand CODISEM introduces a new generation of genetics - a result of the best French and international resources.

BULAGRO is one of the largest distributors in Bulgaria of VITAVAKS 200 FF - the best decontamination product for wheat in the world and the only patented growth regulator. This season once again we strongly recommend VITAVAKS to all our customers, and our proposition for barley is the product RANCONA of the company Chemtura. Of course, BULAGRO will continue to sell plant protection products from the leading brands such as KINTO PLUS, LAMIDOR, RAXIL ULTRA, RAXIL 060.

In addition to high-quality seeds, fertilizers and plant protection products, this year we offer to our clients the service DECONTAMINATION with special equipment. We have six machines, which are available free of charge, provided that the customer buy from us the product for decontamination. Together with our worker the machines come directly to you and perform cleaning and at the same time - decontamination of the seeds.

The construction of our latest major investment - the factory for cleaning and preparation for seeds, which was launched in March, is now on the finish line. With this modern facility the whole process from the seed production to its cleaning, decontamination, preparation and the final packaging will be strictly controlled, which guarantees high quality of our products.


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