The first demonstration of agricultural machinery of our extensive summer tour was held on July 24 in the village of Kovach near Stara Zagora. Farmers saw in action the self-propelled sprayer Hardi Alpha 4100, the trailed sprayer Navigator 3000 and tillage machinery from the Austrian leader Pöttinger - Servo 45 plow, Terradisc disc harrow and the seed drills Vitasem and Terasem C6. We also showed the subsoiler Hercules of the Italian company Badalini. Despite the rainy weather, the machines performed perfectly and impressed our customers! 
Our second demonstration took place on 28.07 in the village Djinot near Yambol, where farmers had the possibility to observe in action the following agricultural machinery:
- Trailed sprayer HARDI NAVIGATOR with tank capacity of 3000 liters;
- Plow SERVO 35 from POETTINGER;
- Disc harrow TERRADISC 6001 from POETTINGER, with unique double folding chassis, improved structure and strength of the discs;
- Subsoiler HERCULES MEGA from BADALINI, with 4 m working width, disc section and depth of subsoiling up to 65 cm.;
- Mulch seeder TERRASEM R4 and mechanical drill VITASEM 402 from POETTINGER.
The product specialists from Bulagro AD presented special selection of high-yielding seeds of wheat, barley and canola, which we recommend for the upcoming sowing campaign.
On 31.07, in the village of Zafirovo near Silistra we held a very successful joint demonstration with our partners from Caussade Semences and BASF. Farmers saw in action the sprayers of HARDI and tillage implements of POETTINGER, then had the opportunity to observe the experimental field with corn hybridsof Caussade Semences.
Traditionally one of our most attractive demonstrations took place in the field of village Paskalevo on 01.08. The customers from the north-east region saw trailed and self-propelled sprayers of HARDI, plows, disc harrows and seed drills of POETTINGER, and the universal cultivator TAIFUN of the Austrian company EINBOECK. 
Our demonstration near the town of Byala on 04.08 again proved the farmers of the region that the machines of HARDI and POETTINGER are designed to help them with their work. We showed in action the self-propelled sprayer ALPHA of HARDI, the plow Servo, cultivator Synkro, disc harrow Terradisc and seed drill Terrasem of POETTINGER.
This year our largest demonstration took place in the village of Valchitran on 06.08. Besides the HARDI sprayers and tillage equipment from POETTINGER, we also showed in action the baler for rectangular bales HD1270 of CICORIA, the foiling machine for round bales 5100 of MASCAR and the telescopic loader of SCHAEFFER LADER. 
Next on our tour was the northwest region with a demonstration on 08.08. The machinery we showed included the self-propelled sprayer HARDI ALPHA 4100, the plow SERVO, disc harrow TERRADISC 6001 and seed drill TERRASEM of POETTINGER, the subsoiler of BADALINI.
The last demonstration of our extensive campaign took place in a village near Sofia on 12.08. Farmers observed the following agricultural equipment in action: the trailed sprayer HARDI NAVIGATOR, the plow SERVO, the disc harrow TERRADISC 6001, the mulch seeder TERRASEM and the meachanical seeder VITASEM of POETTINGER, as well as the aerator AEROSTAR of EINBOECK.
We would like to thank all farmers who attended our events and shared with us their valuable experience and impressions of the machinery from POETTINGER and HARDI.

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