For the period of four days- fromAugust 26thtoAugust 29th2012, a Bulagro team wasin Austria, together with some of our clients,at the invitation of the Pöttinger company.

There were two reasons for our visit - besides the traditional Pöttinger International Day, which takes place every two years, our team was invited to celebrate ten years of successful cooperation between Bulagro Machines and Pöttinger.

This year Pöttinger International Day brought together more than 850 clients and partners from over 50 countries, who had the unique opportunity to see the factory of the concern, to get acquainted to  the details of the production process and to learn about all of the technological innovations that the company is developing.

Especially interesting for the visitors was the tour of the production facilities, where they could observe how the high quality of Pöttinger is attained - from the development and testing of virtual prototypes, throughout the production of individual components, to the precise painting and the final assembly of the machines. The guests also visited the TIZ Technology & Innovation Centre of the company - Europe's most modern and unique testing centre, where continuous tests of the quality and durability of each component are performed. This technology ensures excellent performance and the highest reliability in the field.

The afternoon program included impressive field demonstrations of the full range of Pöttinger machines, starting with the world's leading grass line - mowers, tedders and windrowers, trailers and forage harvesters. They were followed by the tillage line - ploughs, stuble cultivators, disc and rotary harrows and drilling technology, which demonstrated very high performance and precision.

Special guest - speaker at the event was Prof. Dr. Dr. Franz Josef Radermacher, who gave a presentation on nutrition challenges facing the world's population and the importance of innovative technologies in agriculture for the future of the world.

The CEO-s of the company - the brothers Heinz and Klaus Pöttinger, announced impressive results for the past financial year August 2011 - August 2012: marked growth of 19% and record revenue of EUR 282 million, which is the highest in the 140-year history of the company.  The export share amounted to 83% with around EUR 235 million of sales revenues from international business.

Bulagro Machines, which is the exclusive dealer of Pöttinger for Bulgaria, marked annual sales of Pöttinger machines of EUR 2.75 million and percentage growth in sales over the previous year by 138%, which make it the second fastest growing dealer of Pöttinger in the world, after Russia. On this occasion, the CEO Hristofor Bunardzhiev and the commercial manager Dimitar Dimitrov were honoured personally by the owners of Pöttinger with a certificate, expressing their gratitude for the dedication and professionalism demonstrated during the ten-year collaboration between the two companies.

The program of the Bulgarian guests also included a visit to some beautiful landmarks of Austria, and a special evening dedicated to the ten-year anniversary, organized by our kind hosts.

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