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Bulagro Machines signed a dealership contract with Horizon Agriculture

We are happy to announce our new partnership with the leading English company in the field of no-till and strip-till - Horizon Agriculture!
Its founder George Sly's passion for agronomy and his active campaign to promote better soil health through regenerative agriculture principles are the driving force behind starting his own business in 2006.
Sly's 300-hectare family farm in Lincolnshire, England, is at the heart of the company's operations, providing the opportunity to conduct vital on-site research, the results of which inform and contribute to the product development process.
In 2019, Sly Agri was renamed Horizon Agricultural Machinery Ltd, whose focus is the production of innovative agricultural machinery that facilitates regenerative and environmentally friendly agriculture.
The two Horizon models which will be available to Bulgarian farmers are:
- the DSX direct seeder with a 4700 liter sectional hopper (60:40), hydraulically adjustable pressure of the sowing devices up to 300 kg and the possibility of applying up to 4 products at the same time;
- the strip-till cultivator SPX with a working depth of up to 35 cm, hydraulic automatic reset of each cultivator section with pressure setting from 10 bar to 200 bar and the possibility of adding fertiliser application.
For more information on Horizon Agriculture products, contact your regional Bulagro Machinery representative or call 0885 598 389.

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