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Bulagro celebrated 33 years of innovation in agriculture

33 years of innovation in agriculture - 20.03.2022 is an important day in the history of our company!

We celebrated our 33th birthday properly - with lots of laughter, smiles, emotions and fond memories!
On March 19, 2022 Bulagro Center - Stara Zagora gathered all colleagues and their families for an unforgettable day of joy and entertainment. Our relatives had the chance to see the world of Bulagro, visiting the building, offices, service center and our great hall, which has gathered dozens of photos and awards from the most memorable moments in our history. A program with animation was organized especially for the children, in which the adults also took part with great pleasure!

✨ The highlight of the program was the evening, which we spent at the Stara Zagora State Opera. After a cocktail under the gentle sounds of the trio "Arte Plus", we enjoyed the wonderful musical "Sisi - The Soul of the Empress". Mr. Bunardjiev gave an emotional speech, in which he took us back in time and reminded us how we came to what Bulagro is today - with a lot of hard work, enthusiasm, focus and togetherness. At the end we cut our beautiful cake and said "Cheers!" with a glass of 33-year-old cognac. 

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