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Bulagro with impressive presentation at Bata Agro 2024

The sixteenth edition of the specialized agricultural exhibition Bata Agro 2024 was very exciting for us, since, in addition to our well-established brands, we presented to the Bulgarian farmers for the first time several new product lines in our portfolio. First of all, these are machines for No-till and Strip-till soil cultivation and sowing, which were made by one of the pioneers in these technologies - George Sly from England, with his new brand - Horizon Agriculture. We received a lot of inquiries and Horizon's Regional Manager for Central and Eastern Europe Mateusz Graszczuk highlighted all the advantages of the machines to the interested visitors.

"Our Horizon DSX no-till planter is sold all over the world. We have machines in Kenya, in New Zealand, in the USA, all over Europe and the UK. It is currently the best no-till planter on the market. It has some unique options, which can be used by farmers. The biggest advantage that farmers love is that the machine can grow with their farm. It can be extended up to 7.5 meters, so as the farm grows, the farmer doesn't have to buy a new planter, just upgrade it."

The other main highlight of our stand were the agricultural spraying drones of the European manufacturer ABZ Innovation with a capacity of 10 and 30 liters. They feature precision spraying technology - CDA, which achieves unmatched performance and efficiency for a wide range of applications. The working width is adjustable and the maximum spray flow is 16 l/min for the 30-liter drone. By using ABZ Innovation drones in your farming, you will use up to 95% less water and up to 60% less plant protection products! The smaller 10-liter drone was also available for testing on the demo field behind our stand.

Machines from two other new brands in our portfolio were exhibited at Bata Agro - the Turkish pivot irrigation systems Atlantis and the German front mounted cutting knives Eidam, model Innomade MW500.

Our Austrian partners also had something new to surprise the visitors of our stand with, namely the new Pottinger Terrasem V6000DZ autumn seed drill with fertilizer application and the all-new IDS distributor head, the Einbock Rotarystar 600 rotary hoe with P-BOX STI seed box and the Einbock Aerostar Fusion premium cultivator.

The highlight from our italian partner Mascar was the modern Maxi disc seeder, which is equipped with the Smart Drive system, providing electric drive for the seeding device. The pneumatic machine works with a high precision of seeding even in difficult soil. The guide wheels control the depth of penetration of the sowing discs in the furrow and are self-adjusting in negative terrain slopes because they are independent of each other.

In the field of precision agriculture, an innovation was also presented - the first 12-inch panoramic agricultural navigation system Farmnavigator G 12 Panorama, which can be used in both horizontal and vertical mode and allows to split the screen into two windows and monitor two processes at the same time – for example, an inventory tracking camera and a field map. Our well-known brand Hexagon was represented with a demo stand of its cutting edge navigation system with autopilot, ISOBUS and RTK compatibility - the Hexagon Ti10.

As always, we are very grateful to all our visitors, customers, foreign partners and friends who took the time to visit us, have a chat and exchange experiences and useful information. We hope we have been able to meet your expectations! See you soon!

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