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Bulagro and Partners on the magical Mauritius

At the end of a difficult agricultural year full of challenges, the sales team of Bulagro and the participants in our annual program "Bulagro and Partners" indulged in a well deserved rest. And what better place to do so than a small island, hidden somewhere in the Indian Ocean, immersed in greenery, with beaches covered with fine golden sand, crystal clear lagoons and fascinating coral reef. In the midst of winter our trip to Mauritius was an escape to paradise!

The seven-day adventure was full of unforgettable experiences, such as a trip in the deep blue waters aboard a catamaran, scuba diving in the enchanting coral reef, swimming with dolphins, shopping in the popular village of Grand Baie, visiting picturesque towns, reserves, parks and learning about the rich culture and peculiar local customs. The lovers of luxury and true relaxation were not disappointed as well - the first-class spa complex offered a variety of pampering procedures for every taste.

We thank all our customers for choosing once again Bulagro for their partner in 2016! We wish you a prosperous New Year and we promise to keep delighting you with new unforgettable trips around the world!

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