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Bulagro and Partners on the exotic island of Zanzibar

At the beginning of December, participants in the Bulagro and Partners program touched a piece of a new continent - Africa - so different, contradictory and exotic!
The destination was Zanzibar - the pearl of Allah, the island of spices, the birthplace of the legendary Freddie Mercury.
Zanzibar - a beauty given by God, a strange and unique combination of completely contradictory sensations: enthusiasm, tranquility and eye-catching poverty that is a way of life for hundreds of millions of Africans.
Our eight-day adventure at this magical place was filled with interesting experiences - exploring entirely different cultures and customs, tasting exotic cuisine, relaxation in the luxury complex on the shore of the azure ocean, a walk in the Yosani Reserve with its curious representatives of the local flora and fauna - monkeys, huge sea turtles, leopards, antelopes and many others.
After the peaceful vacation on Zanzibar, a part of our group headed for the Ngorongoro Reserve, located in northern Tanzania, between Serengeti National Park and Maniara Lake. There the adventurers embarked on an exciting safari in the wild African nature, which left them breathless and allowed them to observe closely some of the fifty species of large mammals inhabiting Ngorongoro, such as lions, elephants, rhinos, hippos, and several types of antelopes. The richness of bird species also amazed them - over 200 species, including ostriches, flamingos and guinea fowls.
Heading off from Zanzibar, we all hummed the song Hakuna Matata and we promised to ourselves that this would not be our last trip to the fascinating Africa!
We thank everyone who trusted us and shared this exciting adventure with us.
Bulagro team wishes you bright Christmas holidays and a happy New Year!

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