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Bulagro and Partners on a tour in the beautiful Tuscany

In the beginning of June a group of colleagues and clients went on the first trip for 2018 from the program "Bulagro and Partners". The destination was one of the most beautiful regions in Italy - Tuscany, and the motto of the journey - "Bread and Wine - La Dolce Vita!". Besides its rich cultural and historical heritage, Tuscany attracts with its picturesque scenery, wonderful local wines and delicious food.

Our trip began with a visit to the Varamista winery near Pisa. We learned how vines are grown, we observed the wine production process and had the chance to taste some of the winery's best wines. After that we went for a walk through the town of Montecatini Terme, famous for its numerous mineral springs. Before heading to southern Tuscany, we visited the famous cities of Pisa and Luka, where we saw a number of architectural wonders, beautiful basilicas, squares and ancient buildings.

It was very interesting for everyone to visit Montalcino, a small medieval fortress lying lively on two hills, playing the role of southern defense of the city of Siena in the distant past. There we learned how one of Italy's most famous wines - Brunello di Montalcino - is made. Then we dived into the Tuscan magic in the towns of Pienza and Montepulchiano, full of Renaissance charm.

Of course, we paid special attention to Florence - the cradle of Renaissance, famous for the works of the greatest geniuses from the 13-th to the 17-th century. A special place in the hearts of everyone found San Gimignano, a small town, situated in the heart of a picturesque Tuscan valley, that has preserved its many towers since the 12-th century. After that, we continued to Siena, the city of the contras, the horses, the palio. Our tour ended in one of the most beautiful and rich cities in Italy - Bologna.

Italy and Tuscany captured us forever with the unique combination of culture, history, nature, unique atmosphere and, last but not least, wonderful wines and delicious dishes.

We thank everyone who joined us in this unforgettable journey!

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