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Are you ready for our field demonstrations?

The time has come for the annual field demonstrations, organized by Bulagro Group.

They will take place as follows:

August 08 - Butan village, Vratsa district

August 10  - Valchitran village, Pleven district

August 14  - Belitsa village, Silistra district

August 16  - Krushari village, Dobrich district

August 20  - Ekzarh Antimovo village, Bourgas district

August 22  - Kovach village, Stara Zagora district

August 24  - Hisar town

Start time: 11:00 h.

The machines, which are going to be demonstrated in action on the field, include the tractors JOHN DEERE, the soil cultivators PÖTTINGER, the sprayers HARDI, the loaders SHAFFER LADER, the tractors FARMER, and the fertilizers BREDAL.

During the field demonstrations we will also present the high quality hybrid seeds, fertilizers and biostimulants, offered exclusively by BULAGRO. The farmers will be able to share their experience and gain valuable advice on the upcoming autumn sowing.

Do not miss the opportunity to learn more about the developments in the world of agriculture, and to see for yourself the quality and precision of our machines!




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