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Farm Machinery Day in Bulagro Center Polski Trumbesh

Today we had the pleasure to welcome our clients from north-central Bulgaria in Bulagro Center Polski Trambesh, where we presented top products for the upcoming autumn treatments from the brands POETTINGER, HARDI, BOGBALLE, DOMINONI, EINBOECK and BADALINI.

For the fisrt time after BATA AGRO, farmers had the chance to see live the new stubble cultivator POTTINGER TERRIA, which is now available in our trade centers. The impression it made was significant, as it offers a wide range of application possibilities.

After the presentation of the machines we had time to answer all the questions from our guests, to have some delicious treats and to wish everyone a successful harvest.

Thank you to everyone who managed to take the time to be with us in Polski Trambesh!

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