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How to overcome the stress of wheat caused by low spring temperatures

Agrometeorological conditions in the seconf half of March are characterized by low seasonal temperatures below the biological minimum necessary for the normal course of vegetation processes in the autumn crops. In many places in northern and western Bulgaria minus temperatures were reported, snow cover with a height of 10-20 cm was formed. Snow and precipitation led to an increase in soil moisture and overwetting of the upper soil layers.

This results in stressed, leached wheat with delayed vegetation.

Many farmers underestimate this problem, but it can lead to serious yield losses.

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What should we do, if our wheat looks this way?

The best thing to do at this moment is to nourish the crops with aminoacids, which you can find in Megafol - the unique anti-stress biostimulator from Valagro.


Megafol is a growth activator with a rich history and it has saved many crops from stress and thus saved the stress of the farmers who used it. It enhances thr development, increases the hormonal activity of the plant, helps fight stress and puts the plant in a super-feeding mode. The active ingredients of the product make a direct connection with the plant's genes to respond to specific stresses and activate them within 24 hours after application.

Of course, the best effect is achieved by preventive treatment of crops with Megafol at a dose of 100-200 ml / dca to avoid the impact of the stressful event. However, it is not to be underestimated the application of Megafol after the frosting of wheat, in a dose of 250 ml / dca, which will greatly help its recovery and will overcome the retention in growth. If necessary, repeated treatments can be made.

Here is how the wheat of our client Mr. Ivan Vasilkov from the town of Alfatar looks like today, after he applied Megafol in a dose of 200 ml / dca before the expected low temperatures:

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This is the wheat of our client "Polymer Plast" in the Stara Zagora village of Elhovo, affected by low temperatures. The photo is from 22.03.2020:

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And this is a photo of the same field, taken on 03.04.2020, after it was treated with 250 ml/dca Megafol:

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Call your regional sales representative of Bulagro now and order Megafol. For more detailed information you can call 0884 451 050.

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