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“ With the sunflower hybrid IMERIA from BULAGRO we are record holders in our region ”

Yovka Pancheva

Manager of Panorama 2000 Ltd., Bourgas region
Yovka Pancheva

We have been working with BULAGRO for over four years. Two years ago, I bought for the first time seeds from BULAGRO - I chose the sunflower hybrid Imeria. The year was not very good, after sowing fell heavy rainfall that led to the formation of soil crust and I had great concerns about the outcome of the harvest. To my satistafction, all seeds germinated at once and the hybrid performed admirably. We harvested about 2400 kg/ha, which was a first in our region. Since then, we have been sowing IMERIA on half of our land every year. This year our yield was 3040 kg/ha - a real achievement for our region.

In addition to seeds, we trust BULAGRO in terms of plant protection products, specialized fertilizers for our more saline areas and innovative foliar fertilizers from brand Valagro.

Yovka Pancheva

Website: Yovka Pancheva

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