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Todor Zhelev

Farmer from the village of Gita, near Chirpan
Todor Zhelev

For more than fifteen years we have been partnering with BULAGRO and our relations have developed to such an extent that today, things happen very quickly and easily - with one phone call. What sets them apart from other companies is that they really engage with our problems, and their logistical organization is perfect. Pepa Miteva is the face of Bulagro in our region and she is always very responsive - we have gone to the fields with her in mud and in heat, to discuss a problem on the spot and find the best solution. Bulagro are useful to us not only with the products and services they offer, but also with their seminars, which few companies do so prefessionally. Each year, they invite the best agronomists, producers and farmers and provoke a really useful discussion.

After our wonderful trips with Bulagro to Brazil and China, I can say that in addition to colleagues and partners, we are friends binded with many good memories, and in this hard life, it is a great advantage.

Todor Zhelev

Website: Тодор Желев

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