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Stoyan Velchev

Farmer from Mihailovo village, near Stara Zagora
Stoyan Velchev

Our farming cooperation was established in 1994 and since 2000 we have been working with Bulagro. In the most difficult moment for us when we were almost facing bankruptcy Bulagro stood behind us and gave us a hand. Thanks to them we were able to restore our production and now we have 1,500 dca of maize, 3,000 dca of sunflower and we invest in the renewal of our implements and other equipment. Bulagro are perfect in the supply of high quality products. They provide us with everything - seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, fuel, and in recent years - insurance of agricultural products. With the competent assistance from the dealer Dimitar Gospodinov I select the right seeds, I make the timely herbicide application and I do everything so that our results in the last two or three years have been beyond expectations - we reached average yield of 240 kg / dca. This result is a great accomplishment, considering our climate and soild conditions. The deliveries are very fast - it sometimes happens to us to run short of 30 liters of fungicide or two bags of seeds and when I call Bulagro, they are delivered on the same day. This is crucial, given the limited time for sowing and treatment of crops, which we usually have. W also have a 4 -meter drill Pöttinger purchased from Bulagro Machines and we are very pleased with the autumn sowing, which we did with her.

Overall I am extremely pleased with our loyal and honest relationship with the team of Bulagro!

Stoyan Velchev

Website: Stoyan Velchev

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