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“ BULAGRO gives me high-quality products and professional advice! ”

Stoyan Ralev

Farmer from the region of Targovishte
Stoyan Ralev

I grom 500 acres of land in the region of Targovishte. While traveling on the highway last year, I saw from my car a sunflower hybrid, which impressed me a lot with its height of 1.4 - 1.5 meters and full cakes. I visited the field 3-4 times and learned the name of the hybrid - IMERIA. I was convinced I had to try it, so I immediately contacted the sales representative of BULAGRO.  The results I received from IMERIA fully justified my decision - my average yield of the hybrid was over 3800 kg/ha. I will continue to sow at least 50% of my land with IMERIA in order to ensure better financial results.

I am completely satisfied with the cooperation with BULAGRO from which I get not only quality products at good prices, but also a lot of attention, personal attitude and valuable tips for growing crops.

Stoyan Ralev

Website: Stoyan Ralev

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