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Stoyan Danev

Farmer from Nova Zagora
Stoyan Danev

I have worked with Bulagro Machines for three years now. The first tractor I bought from them was a 90 horsepower John Deere. Later I purchased a more powerful tractor and I am now planning to buy a seed drill and a plow. I continue my business relationship with the company, because I am extremely pleased with the high quality of their service, as well as the cooperation of the sales representative Tenyo Tenev. I firmly believe that when I buy a machine, it is not the lowest price that is the leading factor, but the professional after-sales service. In the life of every machine there comes a time when it breaks down and if that happens during a campaign, every day is critical. That is why I trust Bulagro Machines!

I wish them all the best and to continue to be so dedicated to their clients!

Stoyan Danev

Website: Stoyan Danev

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