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Stanka Toneva

Farmer from Partizani village
Stanka Toneva

We have been working with Bulagro for 15 years and I believe that our relationship is based on loyalty, respect and reliance. Bulagro supply our cooperation with the whole range of products for plant protection, fertilizers, fuel, as well as spare parts for our machines. We chose them as our long-term partner because they are correct, reliable, they provide us modern agricultural solutions and most of all - because we trust them! The professionals at Bulagro always assist us with competent advice. The supplies are fast and punctulal, which is of great importance given the constant whims of nature. I recently bought a GPS system for our two tractors from Bulagro Machines and I am very pleased with their service specialist Krastan Krastanov. I always attend the annual seminars, organized by the company and thanks to Bulagro I had the chance to see Thailand, Italy, France and other exotic destinations.

Stanka Toneva

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