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Petko Petkov

Farmer from the district of Silistra
Petko Petkov

Our relationship with Bulagro dates back to the distant 1997. We chose to work with them because they are a good and honest partner. In addition, they are highly innovative, always bringing us the latest news from the world of agriculture. The products we buy from Bulagro are with really quality - this applies with equal force to seed and plant protection products, and machinery. The sales representatives are always available when we have something to discuss and resolve. In their face have very good counselors about any question related to our work. The service specialists are also very professional. I almost never miss seminars organized annually by the company and I think that they are conducted very professionally and give us a lot of useful information.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish the team of Bulagro to be healthy and in the future to have more and better partners - both in the face of farmers and the companies whose products they offer!

Website: Petko Petkov

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