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Maria Bencheva

President of the cooperative in Badeshte village, Stara Zagora district
Maria Bencheva

I ha been working in agriculture for 38 years. Almost all my work experience is associated with the cooperative, which currently processes nearly 1100 acres of land - mainly wheat, barley, maize and sunflower. Our relationship with Bulagro dates back to the start of thecompany - we are one of their first customers and that tradition continues to this day. They are our main supplier of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides. We work very well with the entire team of the company and our relationship over the years evolved from only professional to really human and friendly, which contributes to our success. The team is always dedicated, each order is executed in a timely manner, they always inform us of developments in the field of plant protection, mineral fertilizers, and new technologies. I am grateful for the help that we receive, because with them we manage to take agriculture to a higher level.

I am impressed by the modern service of Bulagro Machines. The service specialists always react instantly, when we have a problem, and repair the machines quickly, so that they can return on the field. I attended almost all of the seminars, which are organized and I can say that Bulagro is always the first to inform us of all the innovations in the field of agriculture, which is of great benefit to us.

I wish Mr. Bunardzhiev and the entire team to be healthy, to be always as dedicated to their work and to remain on top.

Maria Bencheva

Website: Maria Bencheva

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