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Krasimir Avramov

Manager of Ostrovski Valni Ltd., Stara Zagora
Krasimir Avramov

I have been in this business since 1998, and Bulagro is my partner since 1999, when we started our cooperation with the product Vitavaks. I trust their herbicides, fertilizers, bio-stimulators, seeds and crop insurance products . For me Bulagro are one of the leaders on the market of plant protection products. I can only commend their quick delivery - thanks to their good network of representatives my queries always run within 24 hours, and we all know how serious damage a delay in treatment may cause on the crops. Maria Slavova and her team are very helpful and professional, and to me this is more important than the price. When there is a problem with some product, they react fast and do not intend to cover it.

I wish to Bulagro to continue to develop so gradually, and to Mr. Bunardzhiev - many years after his 50th birthday to find strength in himself to be such a public figure and leader of the wonderful team. Companies like Bulagro deserve to be the leaders of the Bulgarian market.

Krasimir Avramov

Website: Krasimir Avramov

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