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“ I trust BULAGRO for everything! ”

Kamen Yordanov

Farmer from the region of Razgrad
Kamen Yordanov

I have been involved in farming business for fifteen years, and BULAGRO have been my main partner for the last seven of them. I trust their agronomist Pavlina Morova for everything. From her I get not only all the agricultural products I need, but also valuable tips and advice for my successful work. She recommended to me the sunflower hybrid IMERIA from BULAGRO that performed very well. From about 140 acres of sunflower this year we planted 120 acres with IMERIA. The average yield that we recorded from IMERIA, which was impressive, considering that my land is not the best and we had two months without rainfall - was 3800 kg/ha. I have trusted the hybrid for a third year because it always gives better results than other varieties in the same field. I am also very pleased with the foliar fertilizer MASTER offered exclusively by BULAGRO - so strong result for such a short time I have not seen with other foliar fertilizers. We will continue to use the products of BULAGRO because the results surpass my expectations.

Kamen Yordanov

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